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Art of Cleaning

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Since 2000, Amelia Maids provides customized residential cleaning services in Orange County,California. Amelia Maid offers a variety of cleaning services. Below are our most common cleaning areas. Amelia Maid isn’t limited to these services. We can always modify our service to your cleaning request. Just call!


countertops, sinks, appliances – stove (everything moveable) – microwave (in and out), – refrigerators (top and front), – oven (outside), – floor vacuumed/washed

Living-room, Bedrooms

furniture dusted and polished – light fixtures, mini-blinds dusted – window sills, baseboards dusted – cobwebs, fingerprints removed – carpets vacuumed, floors cleaned – empty all wastebaskets


basins, tubs, tile, tracks, vanity tops, (washed) – metal fixtures, toilets, mirrors, floors, – showers and shower doors.

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The price for cleaning your home is determined by main factors:size of your home,
frequency of cleaning,floor surfaces,level of clutter and number of pets

Call us for FREE ESTIMATE. We can give you a price to clean your home by phone or schedule a visit for an in-home assessment.